Horse Training by the month:

Included with your training:  Brandi rides 5 days a week, your horse is hosed down everyday, fly sprayed and brushed.  You have the opportunity to schedule unlimited lessons.  You are welcome on property any time she is training.  She includes you in the training as much as you would like to be involved.  Her stalls are cleaned 2-3 x a day.  Your horse will be ridden in the arena as well as out on the trail.  She also hauls them off property to work in other arenas and if you want she will train them on cattle.  Throughout the time your horse is in training, Brandi also posts videos on her Youtube Channel 2 to 4 times a week, of your horse and what they worked on that day.  You will always feel apart of the training.    

Price is $980/month payment is due at the beginning of every month.  

Horse Training by the week:

For those who just need a tune up... a quick fix.  Brandi works with you and your horse at the beginning of the week to set up a goal plan.  And at the end of the week you go over your goals and make sure they were attained.  

Price is $250/week and is due at the beginning of the week.  


Lessons on and off property: 

Lessons are not timed, she works with you until you get to a good place to quit for the day.  

Price is $60.00 per lesson.  

Horse evaluations: 

She will come to your home and evaluate where you and your horse are at and sit with you to figure out your goals and how to best achieve them.  

Price is $125 plus fuel to your home.  

Finding your next perfect horse:

If you are looking for a horse she will have you come to her home and evaluate your knowledge level and riding ability then help you find and test out each horse to make sure it is a perfect fit.  

Price is to be determined. 

Women's Retreats:

A time when women can come together and share their journey of being a part of the horse industry… whether it be just owning a horse, competing with one or just an avid trail rider… we share a history!! We unite at the campfires chit-chatting about what would make us feel better about our relationship with our horse. We discuss what would make us feel more like the “COWGIRL” we have always wanted to be. We, as a group, work on getting more control of our horses and our bodies. The focal point of the clinic is for each horse and rider team to gain more confidence and improve their relationship. We practice in the beginning, focusing on the basics.. The bits and pieces people forgot to tell us when we buy the horse…

  • Like how to read a horses body language
  • Teaching a horse to stand quitly while mounting
  • Learn how to control horses body while on the ground so you feel safer leading and working around them
  • Gain skills to help horse calmly step over any obstacle on the ground and from their back
  • Learn how to control horse’s body while riding so you feel safe and comfortable
  • Learn how to control the elevation, learn that your fear is real and you have it for a reason… how to use that fear to help you become a better rider
  • Noticing your body position.. How to ride more balanced and controlled
  • Most important.. How to have fun while riding safely!!

Horsemanship Clinics:

At every Lyons Horsemanship Clinic, riders will learn the theories behind horse training. They’ll walk away feeling that they know more about why horses do the things they do and how we can use this knowledge to develop more willing and happy horses. Brandi believes understanding your horse is a life-long journey. Brandi works to teach you that with knowledge, consistency, and time, you can make your dreams with horses come true. The foundation of the clinic is to really understand how to have control of each body part and to understand how and why you can use each body part to improve your ride.

  • You will learn to think aobut riding from the horses perspective
  • Individually controlling your horse’s head, shoulder and hips from the saddle
  • The foundation for shoulder control to get a great spin, rollback, improve your diagonals and control speed at each gait
  • Troubleshooting..finding a solution for what each individual rider is having problems with
  • Lead changes.. from a walk to a lope
  • Backing without throwing their heads!!
  • Noticing your body position.. learning how to ride more balanced and controlled
  • How good and bad habits are formed
  • How to develop great circles at the lope
  • The foundation to get that great stop
  • The importance of the counter canter

The horsemanship clinic is a time to take our riding to the next step, where you and your horse can work together breaking down every movement and then piecing it all back together into a beautiful picture. Join us for a good time to learn and grow together while making your dreams come true!


The certification program consists of three levels of training. Each level has six one week sessions.

Level One: is for those who want to become a trainer. You will know how to take a horse from unbroken to one who is loping circles and starting on performance skills. You will know how to solve some problems and have spent some time helping to give lessons to outside students.

Level Two: is for those who want to know more about performance skills and training. Using the same two horses, you will learn how to finish them out and understand the basics of performance training such as reining, dressage, western and English pleasure, cow work and some jumping. Level two is also to learn more about clinics. You will help in more clinics and get a real good understanding on how to put a clinic on and how to teach a great clinic.

Level Three: is for those who want to make a full-time career in training. It’s for those who want to know about the advertising and business side to owning a horse training and clinician business. During this level you will perfect all your training skills and start working actual client horses while Brandi helps you establish a great career. She will help you search out sponsorships and establish places to hold clinics. She will help you get your foot in the door at some of the Expo’s and help you understand the importance of credibility.

This is a pass and/or fail system and only those that qualify will be allowed to go on to each new level. You will not be considered Certified unless Brandi passes you. She and only she will decide whether you will be Brandi Lyons Certified at the end of each level. This is an elite program, only the best of the best! Call for your next career!

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